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Steve Moal's timeless track roadster with 15" Real Wheels




2/14/09  -  Check out the February 2009 issue of StreetScene Magazine, with an informative article featuring Steve Coonan, the publisher of The Rodders Journal, and a good friend of Real Rodders Wheels. Visit


2/7/09  -  Pat would like to thank all of our friends and customers that we ran into at the 2009 A.M.B.R. Show in Pomona in late January. Many folks came by the booth to say Hi and compliment us on our wheel styles and custom finishes. This year 2 out of 12 of the roadsters in competition for the award were running Real Rodders Wheels.


Pat's good buddy, the original owner of Real Wheels, Eric Vaughn, has a new Web site. Check it out at

Also take a look at our History Page for more information about Eric.



Check out, one of the hottest new gearhead Web sites I have seen.



Our new polished EZ-Care magnesium look for our aluminum wheels and our Dow 7 styles, also for the aluminum wheels, were a huge success at the L.A. Roadster Father's Day Show. Click here for pictures and more info

Pat, along with Eric Vaughn, has been working on these finishes for over 4 years now.  I must say that we have nailed both the polished magnesium look and DOW7 to a "T". Everyone that saw these wheels at the show was extremely pleased. Our booth was one of the busiest of the show for the entire weekend. 

I would like to thank my L.A. friends for helping me at the busy booth the entire weekend. Thanks again, guys! 





The Rodder's Journal issue #38 has a great article featuring Real Rodders Wheels, with some wonderful pictures on pages 138-142. Our sincere thanks to Chris Shelton, the author, and Charlie Nucci, the photographer for a job well done. 

Visit their Web site at



The May 2008 issue of Rod & Custom features an editorial mention for Real Rodders Wheels titled "Try Chevys" on pages 22-26, thanks to Tim Foss, John Barkley, and Kevin Lee. 

Also in the same issue is an article by Wayne Scraba titled "Ticket to Ride" which shows our 16x10 Original. 

Visit their Web site at



The March 2008 issue of Street Rodder magazine features Real Rodders Wheels in another great editorial mention by author Wayne Scraba titled "Wheels of Fire: Part II" on pages 64-71. Also, check out the February issue for more of the same article titled "Wheels of Fire: Part I" on pages 182-189. Again, our thanks to Tim Foss, John Barkley, and Kevin Lee for their support.  Visit their Web site at Street



The Februaruy 2008 issue of Rod & Custom has a nice article by author Wayne Scraba titled "Axle Assurance" which includes Real Rodders Wheels on pages 92-96. Visit their Web site at



Look for us in the May 2008 issue of Custom Classic Trucks. We will be proudly listed in their 2008 Wheel and Tire Buyer's Guide. Thanks to David Stoker for all of his help.

Visit their Web site at



The beautiful red Home Delivered Highboy on the cover of the January 2008 Street Rodder was seen at the Grand National Roadster Show with Real Rodders Wheels. Bolt-On Spindle Mounts in the front, and Original Trick 8's in the rear. Check out the pictures           

Visit their Web site at






Brian Moylan, our dealer in Australia, sent us photos taken from the last "Garage Crawl" that he attended in Southern Highlands. He put our Real Rodders Wheels on his new displays, and had a very good day. Check out the links to his pictures of his displays, and some of the cars that were in attendance. You can see Real Rodders Wheels, offered by Brian's Racing Wheels of Australia, also at Hot Rod's by TJ.  Check out Brian's pictures here

I would like to thank the publisher of SUPER CHEVY MAGAZINE, Ed Zinke, for his recent kind words about our company. 

"SUPER CHEVY MAGAZINE would like to thank you for continuing to produce outstanding performance products. It is products such as yours that keep our industry strong and readers excited about the hobby."

Visit their Web site at



I would also like to thank Janeen Webb of Primedia for her help with the recent release of information about REAL WHEELS in the December issue of STREET RODDER MAGAZINE.

Visit their Web site at www.



Please visit Hot Rod Memories at A favorite destination of car enthusiasts the world over to buy classic hot rod movies, biker films, and drag racing video tapes and dvds.



Please visit  for some really great insights and information on Hot Rodding.




WEEK OF JUNE 15th, 2007

The 2007 L.A. Roadster Show on Father's Day was our best show ever! Saturday was extremely busy. Not only was there a big crowd, but having our new Magnesium wheels and our Bolt-On Spindle Mount wheels debuting added to the excitement. 

We must again thank Clem, his son, and his friend, for being with us to help set up. A big thank you to our buddy Joe for all of his hard work, and for allowing us to display his award-winning '32 Roadster High Boy in our booth. Joe built this beautiful car himself, and the fantastic paint job was applied by Clem.

The Grand Marshall of this year's Roadster Show was the legend, Vic Edelbrock. We would like to take a moment to thank him for spending time with me recently discussing the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, and specifically companies that exclusively manufacture their products in America. Knowing how valuable his time is made our discussion even more appreciated. Visit their Web site at

We will soon post pictures of the show for all to see.



Please check our NEW PRODUCTS PAGE, featuring our new styles, all produced by the same folks that manufacture Real Rodders Wheels.





Be sure to visit out our booth at these shows:

Check back for updates.







The Father's Day L.A. Roadster Show at the Los Angeles Fairplex in Pomona, CA on June 20-21, 2009 was a huge success. 






Real Rodders Wheels was well represented  in the vendors area of the 15th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA on October 6-8, 2006. Pat and John were literally swamped for three days with interested individuals and buyers, all trying to make sure they were up to date on the latest and the greatest. Our many thanks for all of the positive reactions and the tremendous support we were given by the crowds of people we spoke with that week in Bakersfield.





A customer sent us an email recently, informing us that he is building a replica of the first version of the BumbleBee Camaro in the movie. "I want the exact same brand, style, and size as the rear wheels on the character car in the movie" Marko said. He sent us this picture of one of the movie cars being transported on a trailer. We gladly obliged Marko.

We Like the "General Lee" '69 Dodge Charger, the BumbleBee '76 Camaro is quickly becoming a popular project car for replica car builders.

If you want it to be "Original", it has to have Real Rodders Wheels


Also, check out another of our customer's reproduction efforts at





A big thanks to Tom Medley for the use of "Stroker McGurk"!!





Real Rodders Wheels is not now, nor have we ever been, affiliated with Dave Mann or in any way. Contrary to what he posted on his Web site, he has NOT done consulting work for us, nor has he ever had ANY involvement in the development of our products. 


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